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Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine


YCS-30, YCS-40, YCS-50, YCS-60, YCS-70, YCS-80, YCS-90, YCS-100, YCS-120


Stainless Steel Tube Mill


Line Up

  • Single side / Double side uncoiler
  • Strip butt welding equipment: Manual welding table or shear and butt welding machine
  • 3 stage roller tube making machine
    • Forming section
    • Welding section
    • Sizing section
  • Cooling section
  • Weld bead grinder
  • Auto - cut off
  • Run out table
  • Electric control system
  • TIG welding machine + cooling equipment/ plasma welding machine + cooling equipment
  • Rolls made of SKD -11

The stainless steel pipe making machine, it is equipped with solid & rigid, stable under operation, and adopts of ground & high precise gear driving spindle to lower the malfunction of the machine. The most importance is that is always keep products have a standard top quality. In order to meet different working capacity required, we present a complete series machines to satisfy you at free choice.

Round tube diameter (mm)Square Tube
WxHxL (M³)
YCS-30 30mm 0.3~0.8 Φ6.5~Φ19 10x10, 15x15 3~7m 2.2x2x18 21
YCS-40 40mm 0.4~1.5 Φ9.05~Φ31.8 15x15, 25x25 2.5~7m 2.4x2x20 25
YCS-50 50mm 0.6~3.0 Φ12.7~Φ50.8 19x19, 40x40 1.5~6m 2.6x2x22 35
YCS-60 60mm 0.8~4.0 Φ19.0~Φ76.2 25x25, 60x60 1.0~5m 2.8x2x23 43
YCS-70 70mm 1.2~5.0 Φ25.4~Φ114.3 30x30, 90x90 0.5~4m 3.5x2x25 58
YCS-80 80mm 1.5~5.5 Φ38.1~Φ152.4 40x40, 120x120 0.4~3m 4.0x2x28 70
YCS-90 90mm 2.0~6.0 Φ50.8~Φ177.8 50x50, 140x140 0.4~3m 4.0x2x32 100
YCS-100 100mm 2.5~7.0 Φ76.2~Φ219 60x60, 170x170 0.3~2.5m 5.0x2x35 115
YCS-120 120mm 3.0~9.0 Φ127~Φ318 100x100, 250x250 0.3~2m 6.0x2x38 125

This Type Of Machine Counted By The Axle

Stainless Steel Tube Mill- Strip Butt Welding Equipment Stainless Steel Tube Mill- Auto-Cut Off And Run Out Table Stainless Steel Tube Mill


Stainless Steel Tube Mill - Single Side/Double Side Uncoiler


Stainless Steel Tube Mill - Forming Section



Stainless Steel Tube Mill - Sizing Section



Stainless Steel Tube Mill - Welding Section