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Square Tube Polishing Machine


YC-16, YC-24, YC-32

Line Up

Square Tube Polishing Machine : In line & Off line


  • Forward convey table & stacking racket
  • Polishing machine
  • Backward convey table & stacking racket
  • Electric control system
  • Manual polish stick or automatic spraying the wax apparatus

Square tube polishing machine with 16 step 4 - Face once operation.

Square polishing machine is easy to operate and will produce top quality of square tube at high standard . For your product's quality, we keep on researching for development, thus we design and present this machine with high speed for high for output to save your cost.

ModelSize Range 
Space Required 
WxHxL (M³)
YC-16 20x20, 100x100 4~6m 3~10m 3x1.5x20 70 HL
YC-24 25x25, 100x100 4~6m 3~10m 3x1.5x24 100 HL/BA
YC-32 30x30, 100x100 4~6m 3~10m 3x1.5x28 135 HL/BA

Square Tube Polishing Machine

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