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End Facing Machine


YC-2, YC-3

We provide pipe and tube end facing machine a wide range of information including specifications, video and function.

Line Up

End-Facing Machine : In line & Off line

  • Stacking racket
  • Convey table
  • Two end - Facing Main Machine: Stationary type or one side portable type
  • Finished pipe stacking racket
  • Electric control system
ModelSize Range 
Space Required 
YC-2 Φ12.7~Φ63.5 5.8~7m 15~10m 
8~12 pcs/Min
4x1x10 10
YC-3 Φ25.4~Φ114.3 5.8~7m 15~6m 
6~8 pcs/Min
4x1x10 15

Pipe End Facing Machine

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tube end facing machine
pipe end facing machine
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