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Rotary Type Swaging Machine


YC-101, YC-201, YC-301, YC-401

We provide rotary swaging machine, tube and pipe swaging machine and more related equipment that offer factory to produce bicycle hubs and parts.

Multipurpose Decorative Tubes:

Widely used for stair rails, fences, indoor furnishing, furniture, lamp parts other industry uses.



Stainless steel pipe, aluminum alloy pipe, pipe, drass and steel pipe.

Forming Dimension:

Diameter:12.7-76.2mm Die Length: 300mm

ModelPatter DesignTube DiameterSpeed
Round to be square rolling machine
Φ22, Φ25, Φ32, Φ38, Φ51 6~15 m/min
Hand-cross-rail rolling machine
(only for one size)
Φ51, Φ64, Φ76 6~15 m/min
9-gdges twisting machine
(thickness under 1.2mm)
Φ16~Φ76.3 6~15 m/min
Twisting machine
Φ12~Φ80.8 6~15 m/min
Floral Examples - Rotary Type Swaging Machine
Floral Examples - Rotary Type Swaging Machine - Sample